The Need For Safe Haven School

As Founder and Executive Director of Safe Haven School, I have a strong commitment to special needs children. Students who are intellectually age-appropriate, or even gifted, may be emotionally fragile. Children with these issues need a safe, nurturing environment away from ridicule or intimidation.

They need protection from verbal or physical aggression because these stressors perpetuate emotional problems. They also cause children to “relive” the original causes of PTSD.

Safe Have School works to draw students out of their depression or anxiety. We teach coping skills and self-esteem at a young age. Our goal is to prevent them from being among the young adults who turn to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, self-injury or suicide. To learn, grow and thrive, our students need a physically and emotionally safe place. They deserve it. We will do everything in our power to see that they get it.

Holly Schaefer, Founder/ Executive Director

Our Mission

Safe Haven School provides a safe, nurturing therapeutic environment for children aged 5-18 facing various challenges, such as emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, autism, and other health impairments by:

  • Developing trusting relationships with our students
  • Partnering with families, schools, and community
  • Engaging students in creative learning
  • Providing coping skills and building tolerance for frustration
  • Practicing social skills and building peer relationships
  • Embracing diversity and enhancing strengths
  • Strengthening areas of challenge
  • Building self-esteem and self-respect

A Culture of Kindness

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"...After researching all options, my gut told me that Safe Haven School was the right place for [my daughter], and she felt that way, too. I've never felt more comfortable in my life, knowing that she was in the best hands. Every person on the staff at Safe Haven School is outstanding, compassionate and supportive..."

Safe Haven Parent