Admission Procedure

If a parent wants to visit our program, a tour will be scheduled as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that having a tour does not translate to an entrée into our program. Without the necessary paperwork, we are unable to determine whether a child is appropriate for our program, and a critical component of our admission process is speaking with home school district personnel. 

We do accept students whose parents or guardians will pay privately for the following reasons:

  1. Their child has not previously been enrolled in the public school system
  2. The family is new to Illinois

Please fill out the request form for a tour, and we will contact at our earliest convenience.

Typically, students are placed at Safe Haven School by their school districts. Not only do they know the needs of the student, they are well acquainted with the various private therapeutic day schools and which ones would and would not be appropriate for a particular child. It is in the child’s best interest for parents to either initiate a dialogue with the special ed. director, or continue the one already in progress. The district is informed when a parent has contacted us.



"Our social worker was a superstar. She gathered information for all of Denise's* teachers, and we talked about any issues that had arisen throughout the week. Denise has never felt so comfortable with a therapist."

Safe Haven Parent